PLEASE NOTE: At this time we are only servicing Rhode Island based customers.


Mobile Shrink Wrapping Service of Rhode Island:

Mobile Shrink Wrapping provides a cost effective solution for storing boats during the winter layup period. We strive to provide a professional service at the most competitive price as we are budget minded boaters ourselves. We offer a complete mobile service that comes to your boats layup location.


Shrink Wrapping offers a safe and durable solution for your boats winter layup or prolonged storage period. Shrink Wrap provides better protection from the elements compared to tarps or canvass covers as these tend to collapse, gather water, and allow water to seep through. A properly installed Shrink Wrap covers prevents any water from coming through the cover and creates a tight puncture resistant and water proof custom fit cover to protect your boat.
Shrink Wrap also allows for you to better access the boat during the layup period. Since Shrink Wrap provides for a tight form fitting cover, access doors are easily installed and the cover can be installed so that accessing the boat is easy and safe.

Preparation of your boat:

Preparing your boat for its layup period is important and often lessens the work needed in the spring. Prior to having your boat shrink wrapped it is a good idea to remove/store any lines that may be hanging and properly store bumpers and life vests. Antennas should be dropped and outriggers should be removed if possible. It is also a good idea to make sure your boat is free from debris such as leaves prior to it being covered as this will often gather mold and make more of a cleanup project in the spring.

Need to work on your boat and still protect it from the elements?

Install an Access Doors 30” x 48” $25.00

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